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My American Idol commentary

This show is kind of a guilty pleasure for me... but in my defense, I always DVR it so I can skim through 90 minutes in about 15 minutes. Those highlights usually include a minute of each performance and Simon's Cowell's original & creative ways to insult the performers.

This year, I think the contestants suck even more than in previous years. I have been a supporter of and am pleased to see that they have already sponsored my personal favorite, Danny Noriega. Last year, of course, they sponsored Sanjaya as contendor for the idol throne - with his crazy hair, weak girly voice, and lazy dance moves. Yes, I actually voted for him.

Now for the rest of them. I'm going to take a wild stab at who I think will survive the flurry of teenage text-message votes.

This guy is a goner. He is about as exciting as air.
Amanda "Fat Chin" Overmyer. She has another Janis Joplin song in her... (plus maybe a Rod Stewart, Joan Jett, or maybe some Joe Cocker) then she's gone.
Or, it's possible her head will explode mid-performance if she tries to sing too high.
This girl sang a weird song last week. Not sure what to think of her yet... but I have feeling she will go far because she seems kind of wacky & dynamic.
This kid won't quit smiling. That irritates the hell out of me in a Jennifer Love-Hewitt kind of way.
I hope he gets voted off soon because he's boring - yet I have a feeling the teenage girls will keep him in with their votes. Maybe will pick him up if Danny leaves.
This is the girl that does Britney Spears impressions.
It's early to tell, but I'm going to predict she makes it to the final three.
This girl has the largest mouth I've ever seen. It's amazing.. I bet you could fit a whole grapefruit in there.
This guy is cool because he plays the guitar & doesn't fit the cheesy pop idol mold.

He has these creepy evil eyes though.
What is it with this guy? He came out dressed like Axl Rose last week, then he sang the Carpenters or something. He needs to get the boot... boring!

Obviously, I didn't mention all the best singers here. I don't really care about that. With as long as they drag out this giant karaoke contest, they need to keep variety & chaos in the mix or I'll just have to watch Nova or something worthwhile instead.

Great news!

I switched to Geico car insurance.

Hehe, I never thought I'd mock that commercial... but is it just me, or do insurance agencies creep up prices on you over time? It's such a pain in the butt to switch - so they get away with it.

Well, we'll see if GEICO does it to me... I'll keep switching if so. So far they gave a way better price than my old company 21st Century.