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Zuck off, Facebook.

I've felt about Facebook like many people feel about Microsoft or Wal-Mart.... a company you dislike, but used anyways due to lack of alternatives. I just don't trust that Zuckerberg twerp. Facebook's relationship with it's users was exemplified by his infamous leaked IM chat referring to his users as "dumb fucks".

On the contrary, I admire Google. I prefer their products and I buy their stock. They consistently deliver API's, feeds, import/export capabilities, and support open standards for their services. Google puts engineering first, marketing second. Facebook is a "walled garden"... hoarding user content, and neglecting integration with other services. Facebook always complies with law enforcement requests to access profiles. Google notifies you of such requests and challenges them. Facebook even plays dirty against Google, hiring PR firms to slant them. Yep, that Zuckerberg is a twerp. Sergey and Larry are more my kind of geeks.

So, I'm glad to see Google coming out with a viable alternative to Facebook... Google+. After some duds like Google Wave and Google Buzz, I think they got it right with this "circles" concept. That's been a lacking social network feature for a while now... "Uh oh, my boss joined Facebook". Yeah, now you can target those posts about how you got wasted last night or that dirty joke to a "circle" . It remains to be seen whether most people will ditch Facebook for Google+, but I have. Heck, I've always strived to keep a nice tight "friends list" count fewer than 100 anyhow. For me, it's about who owns my content.

So, if you've ever wanted to tell Facebook to 'Zuck off."... take the leap. Maybe it or Twitter will be the next Facebook.