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My 20 Point Political Manifesto

  1. A person owns their own life and property.
  2. To initiate force upon another is immoral.
  3. Force is denying another a choice for their own life or property, whether by aggression or fraud.
  4. A right is something you have naturally, not something given to you.
  5. Equality means equal rights, not equal property.
  6. A free market drives competition and innovation, benefitting all.
  7. Government intrusion in trade creates market distortions, deadweight loss, and black markets.
  8. A literal monopoly can only permanently exist when supported by government.
  9. The end does not justify the means.
  10. Collectivism is immoral; a form of theft by looting another's property.
  11. Collectivism and freedom cannot coexist.
  12. Collectivism is supported by blame and jealousy.
  13. Government's moral purpose is to protect individual liberty with common justice and defense.
  14. Any government activity beyond protection of liberty is an immoral initiation of force.
  15. Democracy is "mob rule", which is why the USA's founders created a Constitutional Republic to protect individual liberty.
  16. The US Constitution's intent was to limit the federal government, reserving powers to the state or the people.
  17. The US Government has ignored the intent of the Constitution, growing into tyrannical socialism and corporatism.
  18. The US Government's immoral actions have hurt freedom and distorted the markets in areas like education and health care.
  19. An immoral government will never limit it's own power, unless driven to by it's people.
  20. A people will never have a moral government unless they uphold the principle of liberty themselves.

Will Blog For Free Stuff

I read this in the news today. I just wanted to announce to any companies out there... send me some freebies. I'll be your product whore in the name of free speech. (I prefer shiny new techno-gadgets please). If I could be the first blogger to be fined $11,000 for blogging...I think that's a good one to go down for in the name of civil disobedience.