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Ode to the SheevaPlug

I love my SheevaPlug. It is the geek's dream gadget. You can flash linux kernel images onto this thing's internal memory and leave it always on due low-watt consumption (low power ARM processor, and lack of moving parts... no fans, no drives).

There's a network port. I prefer to SSH in for some shell command-line action, but you could connect install VNC and remote GUI (if you're a pussy).

It has a USB port, which could receive a USB hub for additional devices (cameras, external drives, you name it...)

You could run a home-automation server, or install a LAMP environment for web hosting. Personally, I'm running heyu(X10), MySQL, Tomcat, postfix, and getmail with a webcam attached, and a whole bunch of scripts and cron jobs. I'm hosting two small domains, and adding one more soon.

You can even run it off an SD card, so you could clone and swap out cards with custom linux distros based on your needs.

Well, there's a free advertisement (f you speak geek)... but maybe this company will read this one day and out of the goodness of their hearts send me one of their newer models. (hint hint)