One citizen's take

I remember watching the Republican Party Presidential debates a few months back & was dumb-founded that every one of the nominees (except for my main-man, Ron Paul) was for staying in Iraq. In fact, they accused eachother of wanting to pull out of Iraq... like it was a bad thing.

Here we are - the dollar is approaching the peso in value, and we're officially in a 'recession'. Hmm, could this have anything to do with it?

Federal Contract Awards by Major Funding Agency (from

Federal Assistance by Major Agency (from

Actually, the bottom pie is much larger in total. Homeland Security(30%) amounts to about $700 billion in 2006, and Defense contracts(54%) amount to about $300 billion. It just makes me think that if we could somehow shrink the pie or the biggest slices of the pie... you and me could eat more pie! ( is a great site. I have yet to try out, a similar site with broader data that was recently created because of a bill co-sponsored by Barack Obama.)

I know economies can't be summarized by a simple chart... but the visuals above represent a very important statistic: Where is our government spending your tax dollars?

I would say that our government is broken... except Americans re-elected George W. Bush AFTER we'd had a chance to see what he's made of, so maybe the American ideology is what's broken. I sincerely hope we don't vote another war-monger into office & that our country begins to repair it's reputation across the world. That is the best 'homeland security' money can buy.