Singing in the shower/car

The greatest singing performances of all time weren't seen on American Idol, MTV, or on Broadway. They had an audience of one (myself), and they took place in the porcelain amphitheater that is my shower and the felt-padded sound chamber cabin of my automobile. Of course, the singer didn't know all the words... but the audience fully appreciated the embellishment of non-sensical rhyming substitute lyrics. In the morning shower, if one is so lucky to awaken during REM Stage IV sleep, they will be energized enough to celebrate the new day with song. The benefits of singing in the shower include good reverb acoustics and background noise of running water to blur any vocal imperfections, plus the audience is likely to be groggy and non-critical. The benefits of singing in the car include having a backup singer and band. I think the shower is more enjoyable of the two, as it offers unlimited songs and artistic license and guarantees no strange looks from passerbys.

Now, let me talk about the criteria for picking a good shower/car song...
  1. Should be beyond your vocal skill and range (changing key mid-song is bonus points)
  2. Should have lyrics that don't make much sense (so filling in nonsense won't matter much)
  3. MUST have a lot of feeling and soul
Here's a few that would be favorites to perform:
  • That's amore
  • Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)
  • Sad Songs (Elton John)
  • Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers, Elvis)
  • Jesus is just alright (Doobie Brothers) ... substitute your favorite deity
  • Spirit of Radio (Rush)