Goodbye Downtown

This will be my last week living in downtown Sacramento. We are moving to the 'burbs for more space and yard for the younglings. I've lived downtown for 6+ years, and will miss it. I thought I would capture some experiences that I look back at fondly (in no particular order):

  • Biking or cabbing it to bars.
  • Stumbling hungover to Waffle Square, or Fox & Goose (if the line wasn't too long).
  • Catching a band at Old Ironsides.
  • Walking to Old Sacramento and Downtown Plaza for some weekend shopping and snacking.
  • Walking to Friday Concerts at the Park during the summer.
  • Selecting a piece of torte from Rick's Dessert Diner (which is so delectable, it takes me two days to finish)
  • Going for strolls around Southside Park.
  • Seeing odd characters hanging out on my street (such as clowns, transvestites, and various others)
  • Walking and biking to various brew-fests and wine-fests (West Coast Brew Fest at Miller Park being my favorite).
  • Neighbors like Tony(80 y.o.) and Casey(RIP) who lived on my block for decades.
  • The delicious pie and plain service at Zelda's Pizza.
  • My corner store that always has a good variety of cold beer (and other groceries of course), cashiered by Tony... a deadpan asian guy with a mullet.
  • Making lots of cool friends at Dive Bar Connoisseurs.
  • Being close to everything, with so many great dining options.
  • Mooching free wine at 2nd Saturday Art Walks.
  • Hipsters at the supermarket.
  • A short commute.
  • Sunday walks to get lunch at Burgers and Brew, followed by some fro-yo next door.
  • Pulling Libby to the Southside Park playground on her train.
  • Big shade trees in the summer.
A few things I will not miss:
  • Big leafy trees in the fall.
  • Close encounters with the smelly, homeless kind
  • Dog shit on my front lawn
  • People stealing my stuff
  • The ridiculous Sacramento City Council
  • Fearing for my life anytime I walk down K Street Mall.
  • Stray cats
  • Rude party kids down the block up too late noisy.
  • Air quality
  • NIMBY's and communists in my neighborhood association.
  • Graffiti
  • Police helicopters with searchlights and loudspeakers.
So long downtown life...  It's time to for me to move on!