Multiple personalities?

It's either that... or maybe these personality tests aren't all that great. I took the the personality test (not sure if it's called Keirsey or Myers-Briggs, but I think it's somehow based on Jungian psychology).

A couple years ago when I took it, I was INFP ("the idealist/healer").
Today I took it for again and came out ENTP ("the rationalist/inventor").

I guess I'm on the fence on the I/E (introvert/extravert) dimension. I'm pretty extreme N(intuition/sensation). I was moderately strong T(thinking/feeling) (which is weird since I used to be F). The P(perception/judging) didn't change.

So the I/E thing doesn't surprise me since I'm not really introverted or extraverted.
The T/F change makes me wonder whether the test is unreliable... or whether my attitudes changed in some way.... maybe a bit of both.

Having a B.S. in Psychology, I feel safe to say that personality tests aren't much more scientific than a horoscope. They measure what they measure & they are fun exercises... but they seem to have narrow categories & poorly worded questions which can be misconstrued.

Regardless, I read the ENTP profile & think it fits me fairly well.

Brandie took it right after me & came out ISFJ (the complete opposite of me). It's funny... I told her to let me guess her profile before she told me & I nailed her letters exactly.