Yes to Obama. No to violent McCainiacs.

I'm decided. Between Hillary, Obama, & McCain - Obama is clearly the best choice for next leader of our country. I decided to show my support and buy a $3 "Obama '08" bumper sticker at the local campaign office (on 65th & Folsom).

Well, within 48 hours... my car was violently vandalized. Someone smashed in the back window. Nothing was stolen - and it's pretty obvious this wasn't a robbery since they broke a small back window where you couldn't even get in or fit anything out. This happened on a residential street in East Sac, fairly well lit.To me, this only bolsters why we should support Obama. Whoever bashed my car window believes in violence and that is what McCain and the war-mongering neo-conservatives stand for. Or maybe there is a racist motive behind some people who hate Obama. I can't say for sure what the thinking or motives are... but I know it's not the kind of thinking we need in this country or for the leadership of this country. I can't say for sure it was a McCainiac that broke my window - it could have been a random act of violence or some hardcore Hillary fan, but I think we all know that's not the likely scenario.

Dear McCainiacs, you have only bolstered my support for Obama & strengthened my distaste for the violence and ignorance you represent. I will pay another $200 every time you bash my window, but my Obama sticker stays.


McG said…
That sucks! What's wrong with people? I bet it was a Hillary supporter.