My Feed Reader Subscriptions

If I am addicted to the web, then Google Reader is crack cocaine.
I don't think the whole 'feed reader' concept has become a mainstream habit - but those who try it will get it & those who haven't yet should.

Below is my formatted OPML file (feed subscription list) as it stands today, exported from Google Reader. My categories (work, webdev, geek-news, fun, sacto, & biz-news) aren't very standard... but they were the best buckets I could come up with for my strange collection of feeds.

Google Reader has some nice features I fully utilize. You can 'star' & 'share' feeds - and you can publish those selections. I do this to tag the items I really like (which you'll see mixed in on my friendfeed & blogroll... starred items for my personal/fun stuff & shared items for work/professional stuff). They added a new feature to 'note' items... which I use like some people would 'tweet' or 'digg' things (nice substitute if it means one less service I have to use).

Here's the list - enjoy...