We're still in the dark ages of physics...

Star Stryder » Blog Archive » Dark Energy is Real- by Pamela L. Gay

I believe dark matter & dark energy exist.

I think they may be poorly named however... and 'dark matter' may not end up being matter at all.

Perhaps we'll end up seeing it as a side-effect of gravity.
E.g. String theory describes our universe made up a fabric of strings. Gravity is created when matter displaces space-time, creating a gradient which into which matter & light are pulled. Perhaps this gradient of dense space-time also exhibits a friction upon the adjacent fabric of space.

Think of it like this...
You put a golf ball (like a star or black hole) inside of a spongy material (representing the space-time 'ether' or fabric). The squeezed spongy material around the golf ball has a tension energy of it's own.