Inventor's Kit

Well, it is kind of awesome that they sell "inventors kits". I laughed so hard when I saw that all you need is a kit to bust out your inner inventor. Ha!

I had some ideas recently of things I wish someone would invent.
Here they are... with extremely terrible visuals. (Yeah, it ain't easy to draw on a computer. I put Pictionary effort into these.)

Don't you hate when you are eating a tasty snack and that last bite comes?? Why do last bites taste so good & why does it have to end. Now it doesn't have to!
With Last-Bites Spoons... you always have another bite waiting for you.
With Last-Bites cups... there is a secret compartment holding a last tasty bite!

Baby Carry Tray
When you have a new baby... you realize that things like dinner can be difficult, when baby sometimes wakes up & needs to be held. Now you can hold baby and don't have to worry about eating with one hand, or spilling on the baby! It's a tray & baby carrier, all-in-one!

Radio Helper / TV Helper
These are both based on the concept that DJs and ads are really noisy and annoying. Software is easily capable of analyzing sound. For radio, software would track low frequency bass for repeating patterns (like drums in a song). When a rhythm is interrupted for long enough (such as someone talking)... the finger-like attachment will push the button to change the radio station.
Same concept for TV Helper, but the software will listen for rapid rise or drop in volume... which will trigger the volume button to be pushed.

Daddy Nursing
It seems babies love mama since they get to nurse, which builds quite an attachment. This can make it challenging if papa has to take over for a while. This will make baby feel right at home, and help bonding with daddy! Just insert the bottle to the gelatin filled latex pseudo-breasts, and baby won't know the difference!


Steve V said…
New idea:
Egg catapult attached to car.