Eric Thomas Wilkerson, of Washington

So I went to SF on Saturday for Fleet Week.

A friend Christine has a place with rooftop access right in North Beach... what a show! The Blue Angels blasting right over your head in formation... with BBQ & a spectacular view to boot.
There were quite a lot of other rooftop suares happening simulataneously, which made it quite fun.

Now for the title of my post...

Needless to say, North Beach + Fleet Week = Insane Parking.
I was fortunate enough to land a corner spot around the block, so Brandie & I were walking there to grab some forgotten sunglasses when I saw some young guys trying to squeeze into the tight parking spot in front of me. I paused & kept a close watch... until a minute later they gave up. As they pulled away, a black KIA Sportage swiftly parallel-parks in and I hear a distinct crackle of plastic as their spare tire munches into the front grill of my new car! I announce 'DUDE, you just hit my car!'... and as the guy gets out I immediately ask for his drivers license & write down his information. I look over the grill & even though there is no apparent damage - I heard the crack!

So, Eric Thomas Wilkerson, of Washington State...
I suggest you be more careful driving & parking in the future. Sure, you may have that spare tire to protect your car from damage... but you never know when the owner of the car is standing right there.
Consider this a little dose of internet karma - Mr. Careless Driver, and may this post enter the annals of Google's Search Index upon your name as penance for your recklessness.

And oh yes, if my grill falls off anytime soon - you'll be hearing from me.