Fishing with Steve

So I may be on hiatus from my cooking hobby... I bought me a fishin' pole & decided to give it an honest try. I like the outdoors, low impact activities, and water.. what more could I ask for? If I get hooked, maybe I'll get myself an inflateable outboard dinghy & have some fun with that...

I fished as a kid with my uncle - but apparently forgot entirely how. Last week on my first day with my new rod, I went out to Paradise Beach & managed to tangle about 20 feet of lure without casting anything. So I figured I need to learn a few things... such as:

How to fish:
Angling - Wikipedia, the free
How To Fish
Fishing Knots

When to fish:
Fishing/Hunting -
Fish Sniffer Online

Where to fish:
California DFG, California Fishing Passport
Sacramento River Access Sites
American River Parkway

... and thanks to Google Maps (satellite view), I may have found a few good spots to try out

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